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Behind the Scenes at Pet Extravaganza Boutique

While many people say they’re passionate about animals, Johannes and Caroline Bahadourian mean it. The husband-and-wife team traveled across an ocean to open Pet Extravaganza in Fairfield, Conn. Pet Extravaganza is a luxury boutique store selling pet furniture and accessories, including beds, wardrobes, chairs, tables, feeders, apparel, travel products and fragrances.

The Bahadourians are originally from Paris, France, but decided to put down roots in Connecticut because Caroline fell in love with the Fairfield region.

“We wanted to relocate to a community that embraced families while offering a stable economic climate for bringing our business to life,” Caroline said. “Fairfield is the perfect place to raise a family and open a dog boutique.”

Pet Extravaganza caters to animal lovers in two distinct ways. The first is through a brick-and-mortar store location on Post Road where customers can come in, shop and meet the couple to gain the benefit of their years of experience in breeding, raising and training pets. Customers across America can also benefit from the Bahadourians’ dedication to quality by shopping via an online portal. The Pet-Extravaganza.com website enables consumers to buy everything from pet apparel, beds and feeders to travel products and wardrobes from the comfort of their own homes.

The Bahadourians’ own love affair with pets dates back years. Caroline was an animal breeder in Paris and decided to pour her passion into the new venture in America. Johannes brings business acumen to the table. He not only adores pets, but also has experience as a store owner and antique dealer.

“It’s a match made in heaven,” Caroline says of both her marriage and the new store. “Johannes and I are dedicated to making sure pets and their owners can find the very best in products – from designer dog clothes to pet beds and beyond, we deliver only top quality products because we believe pets deserve to be pampered.”

Whether shopping in person or online, Pet Extravaganza customers can also count on enjoying an outstanding experience. The Bahadourians believe in delivering not only the finest in dog, cat and puppy products, but service as well.

“We value our customers and want them to know they matter to us,” Johannes said. “It’s our desire to not only provide the best pet products found anywhere, but also service that makes customers feel good about coming to us for all their pet care needs.”

Just browse the store in person or online to see the passion the Bahadourians have put into making Pet Extravaganza the place to shop for everything pet related.